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Wall Planner

Download for FREE, print locally and never miss another event.

How does this work?

cardano planner logo

Locate our NFT

Click one of the blue buttons on this page and it will take you to a visual explorer where you can see the planner as an NFT.


Download PNG

Right-click and save the image on your device. That is pretty much it. The first and only NFT where the actual image is useful.


Print locally

Find a print shop nearby and get your new planner printed. You can have it printed up to A1 ISO without loss of quality - that is pretty big.

Download Planner

About the planner

The calendar has maked out all the important dates like Cardano 360, Catalyst Town Hall and some anniversaries.

Plus, it is a super handy way to keep track of the fast evolving Cardano ecosystem. Mark out your launches, ISOs, ICOs, mints, bints and everyday life events.

Plan your way through.

Mint your own Planner NFT

And take your chances at a meme coin planner
2023 versions of the Cardano meme coin wall planners

How do I mint this?

All you need to do is send exactly 5 to our handle $mintaplanner

Anything else?

Hmm... yes.

There are 4 variations in the minter: the original Cardano Planner, Hosky, Lobster and Bison.

The odds are 70% for the Original and 10% each of the meme coin planners.
You can always browse pool.pm and look in our main wallet $planner - maybe you'll find them there.
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