Mint your Cardano collection for only 0.95 ₳ per NFT. No nonsense and no hidden fees. Pay during or after mint.


The most affordable NFT minting service on Cardano

King Logan's ($LOBSTER) minting service generally charges a fee of only 1 ₳ per NFT - paid in $LOBSTER. However, CardanoPlanner is an Ambassador for $LOBSTER's minting service and can sweeten the deal with an extra 5% OFF.

Make sure to mention $planner when contacting King Logan directly for an NFT project, or simply fill in the form below and we will do it on your behalf.

Let's bring your vision to life!

** CardanoPlanner is getting a 10% commission at NO EXTRA COST to you if you decide to use our 5% discount. **

Frequently asked questions


$LOBSTER (King Logan) is a meme-coin driven community that is developing tools for the Cardano ecosystem. The token is a reference to Charles Hoskinson's lobster toy Logan that can be seen on his microphone during AMAs.


Cardano minting services refer to the tools and platforms that allow users to mint their own Cardano NFTs. These services are provided by third-party developers like $LOBSTER and are designed to simplify the minting process for creators.


Cardano minting services typically involve the use of smart contracts and other blockchain-based tools to automate the minting process. Users can create their own tokens, set their own rules and parameters, and then distribute them to others.


There is a fixed fee of 1 ₳ (0.95 ₳ with CardanoPlanner referral) for every NFT in the collection minted. The payment for this can be done during or after mint - basically you can start minting with no upfront cost.


Get in touch with us via the form on this page, via Twitter or simply pop in the $LOBSTER Discord server and let us know you are interested in minting with our service.

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